07 December 2012





19 April 2012

Bird talk

At the park this morning.

Jansie asked for a flower to hold in her hand, I told her "there's no fallen flower on the floor, if you pick the flower, the flower will die and the gardener will be very sad". She burst into tears and said :"sayang flower~~"

Then on the way back, she saw a small bird chirping on the floor, then I thought up a story saying that the bird is hungry and looking for her mommy. My emotional girl burst out crying again, feeling sad. So I explained : "mommy bird go and look for food for baby bird."

After awhile we saw another bigger bird, she shouted happily: "mommy bird!" and pointed at it: "mommy cooking". I laughed: "mommy bird don't cook, only human mommy cook!" then she replied with no doubt: "Order!"

10 April 2012

Sh.. Shh... Keep quiet!

Jansie is putting Minnie and Mickey to sleep. She first hold Minnie in her arm and pat her, then lower down her voice and ask me to " keep quiet", she give them pillow and blanket, and walk away discreetly!

Little mommy is doing a good job!